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Why Did Congress cave on Amnesty?
Follow the Money!

March 9, 2015

Dear Friends,

I was at CPAC in Washington DC last week when Congress caved in to King Obama and his illegal & unconstitutional amnesty order. Many of my conservative friends are disappointed and even confused. After all didn't the GOP just take control of both the House and the Senate? Didn't all the Republicans tell us last November that they would put a stop to Obama violating our Constitution? Weren't we told by the GOP leadership that they had a plan? . . . a plan to pass the Cromnibus Bill in December but draw a line in the sand in February with the Home Land Security budget? (Conservative Review "Promises") . . . so what happened?? Before I tell you the truth of why Congress appeared to fail so miserably, let's first examine some of the spin:

SPIN #1 We could not get it through the Senate. Of course this is just a lie. The Republicans have 54 votes in the Senate, more than enough of a majority to pass anything, including the House Bill to defund the amnesty plan. But we are told, it takes 60 votes, a so-called "super majority" under the Senate rules to bring a Bill to the floor for a vote. Really? The fact is that the Republicans could change the rule and pass a Bill with a simple majority of 51. But oh no, we are told . . . we can't do that! We must respect the rules of the Senate. In doing so, the Senate has decided that their "rules" are more important than the Constitution!! The Democrats don't have this problem. Harry Reid violated this "rule" routinely in order to confirm as many liberal judges as possible in the last 6 years. The Senate just used this excuse to hide their real motivation.

SPIN #2 We get blamed when we shut down the government. This is the self-fulfilling prophecy so often repeated by the Republicans. They just can't seem to articulate the most obvious of points, ie, if the House & Senate pass a budget Bill and the President refuses to sign it, then OBAMA IS THE ONE SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT! Instead the GOP accepts and even publicly agrees with the spin that if Obama does bad things, somehow it's our fault!? And even if Republicans are blamed by the media . . . does it really hurt us? After all, didn't the voters just give the GOP a historic victory precisely so they would stop Obama's extremist left wing agenda? When Reagan was President he shut down the government 7 times in eight years! Including in October of 1984, just weeks before he won a massive landslide victory for his second term as President! And what was the effect when the Republican Senate (led by Ted Cruz) shut down the government in 2013? . . .a huge victory for the GOP in 2014! It appears to me that only the politicians are afraid of a shutdown! . . . Out here in the real world we all feel much safer when Congress goes home!

Spin #3 We did the best we could. Nonsense! Elected officials make a lot of promises when they are campaigning . . . but they only take one oath when they are elected. An oath, a solemn promise, that they will uphold and defend our Constitution. That promise is more important than their political careers, more vital than their party affiliation, and more imperative than any short term media hype. Elevating political interest and personal ambition above the need to protect constitutional government is unforgivable. If our leaders cannot or will not adhere to their oath . . . then we must demand men and women with greater courage to represent us.

35 Million Reasons why the GOP collapsed. In order to understand what really happened you only need to peer through the smoke and mirrors and "follow the money". Last year RINO's were facing serious challenges from conservatives across the country. When Eric Cantor lost his primary it was only the tip of the iceberg, and the GOP establishment was looking for help . . . and they got it BIG TIME from the US Chamber of Commerce. Last election cycle the US Chamber spent $35 MILLION DOLLARS to support Republican candidates (US Chamber 2014 spending).

 . . . including $325,000 spent right here in the 14th District of Ohio . . . and the number one issue for the Chamber? That's right, AMNESTY! The Chamber wants amnesty for illegal workers so they can provide cheap labor for corporations (USA Today).

Never mind that this puts our own citizens out of work, drives down wages and drives up social welfare costs! The dirty little secret is that the GOP does not disagree with Obama's amnesty plan, in fact they are grateful that King Obama makes it so easy for the GOP! They can pretend to oppose amnesty while they deliver the goods to their corporate masters at the US Chamber!

So let's connect the dots. When the GOP decided to pass Cromnibus last December and promised they would "fight" in February, they had a PLAN . . . A PLAN TO FAIL . . . after all, if you spend $35 Million Dollars, don't you expect a return on your investment ??

Faith, Family, Freeddom, Matt Lynch

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Matt Lynch
FORMER Ohio State Representative

Proverbs 26:26
"Their malice may be concealed by deception, but their wickedness will be exposed in the assembly."


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