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August, 2017

Dear Friends,
After much thought, prayer and fasting, my wife Laura and I have decided that I will once again run for Congress in the Ohio 14th District…and I need you by my side!


This is a picture of my youngest granddaughter Ryan. I worry she will never know the freedom or prosperity so many of us have enjoyed. I simply cannot, I will not, turn my back on the fight!...The fight for an America where we are not afraid, an America with strong borders and a military that keeps us safe, an America where hard work, honesty and God’s grace will allow Ryan’s dreams to come true!
Ryan Jane, grandaughter of Matt Lynch With the election of Donald Trump many Conservatives (including me) had hoped that we could finally relax…We gave the Republican Party the House, the Senate and now the White House…I hoped that the GOP would finally forge ahead with the Conservative, small government, pro-liberty agenda they had promised for the last eight years! We expected that first up would be the outright repeal of Obamacare!…as promised by Mitch McConnell they were going to tear it out “root and branch”! Our current Congressman in the 14th District even bragged that he voted to repeal Obamacare dozens of times when President Obama was in office…but sadly, soon after the election last November, the “bait and switch” began.
Paul Ryan first introduced a weak “repeal and replace” Bill that happily was rejected by the Freedom Caucus. The Bill the House finally passed was still insufficient but at least put us on a path towards repeal…But Congressman Dave Joyce…
• the same life-long politician I ran against in 2016

• the same man who voted again and again to repeal Obamacare when he knew it meant nothing

• the same politician who insisted he was a Conservative despite “F” ratings from FreedomWorks, Heritage Foundation and the Conservative Union…that…

Now you might wonder, why would a Republican like Dave Joyce vote against Obamacare Repeal? let me clue you in….
He was never going to vote to repeal Obamacare and was even caught in a video admitting that “It’s not going to be repealed”(


Dave Joyce has received financial support from the biggest supporters of Obamacare, including the Chamber of Commerce and the American Hospital Association. These groups benefit BILLIONS from Obamacare and…


I’ve heard it said that we have the best government money can buy…how true that often is...But we can change that! We can show the lobbyists & politicians that We The People are on to their lies, we will drain the swamp and throw out corrupt politicians.

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Of course there are many, many issues that Washington must deal with…we must protect American jobs by building THE WALL … we must protect the unborn by fully defunding Planned Parenthood…we must protect our children by getting the Federal government and Common Core out of our schools...we must protect our homeland by declaring the “Muslim Brotherhood” a terrorist group and bring an end to violent Jihad…and we must protect future generations by finally, finally, getting government spending under control.

Vote for Matt Lynch for Congress
We should learn from President Trump.
Like me, many of you may not have picked Donald J. Trump as your first choice, but I now see he was the only one that could have beaten BOTH Hillary and the Media. President Trump’s bold and confident style allows him to brush off the attacks, lies and Fake News from the left. He just does not give up…and neither will I!

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In 2016 I lost the primary election despite receiving over 44,000 Republican votes, why? Because nearly 60,000 NON-REPUBLICANS voted in the GOP primary! That’s right, 48% of the primary voters were not Republicans at all but were Democrats and Independents. I was targeting my mailers, calls and internet campaign to Republicans and they heard my message and voted for Matt Lynch! But the Dems and Independents never received anything from me … Polling of the Republican voters just before the election showed me winning. I was actually thrilled when Paul Ryan made a robo-call against me…when I heard it I knew the establishment was getting desperate!

Unfortunately, I could not afford any TV ads, but my opponent took plenty of cash from lobbyists and his ads reached the “non-Republican” voters that turned out in such large numbers, so the only voice they heard was my opponent pretending to be a “conservative”.

With no Presidential candidates on the ballot there will be half as many voters, and no large crossover vote. In the last off-year election of 2014 only a total of 62,000 voters turned out, so if my 44,000 supporters stick with me, I win! As many consultants have said, elections are a numbers game and now the numbers are on the side of “Lynch For Congress”.

This is our strategy for victory…
Prayer, first and always. As my wife Laura would say. “We cannot win it, if God is not in it!” Long ago I accepted that God was in charge, He allows what He wills and our job is simply obedience. My previous campaign laid the groundwork, the foundation, for my successful election in May of 2018. Over the past year I have remained very active in public appearances both in person and on radio throughout Northeast Ohio…and I am always listening, listening for the “still small voice” of the Lord.

A few weeks ago I had lunch with my Pastor. I told him I had been praying about whether I should run again and he challenged me, “Have you thought about fasting?” I knew immediately that I should. I had never fasted before (I’m not even good at dieting since I love brownies, no nuts or frosting, just plain please!) but I accepted his challenge and began a liquids only fast. Did you know that in the past it was routine for Americans to pray and FAST!? Thomas Jefferson called the American Colonies to a “Day of Fasting, Humiliation and Prayer” on June 1, 1774 just as the British prepared to attack. Many past Presidents have encouraged not just prayer but also fasting.
Matt Lynch for Congress

During my fast I also turned off all TV, talk radio, even the internet…instead I just listened. After 21 days (and 18 pounds) I was calm and convinced I should again run for Congress. We should never take God’s blessings for granted, only He knows the outcome, but I am certain I should run.

The campaign will not heat up until early 2018, but the time will quickly come when signs, volunteers and Facebook friends will all be needed to get the message out…the message that if we want to drain the swamp we need to change the type of people we send to Washington.

My opponent has been in elected office for over 30 years…It's past time for a change!

If you want a Christian, conservative voice in Congress, if you want to add strength to the Freedom Caucus, if you want to end the stranglehold that lobbyists have on our government, then you want Matt Lynch in Washington!

This is why I need your financial support.

There is no doubt that if I had run TV ads last time I would be in Congress today…but there just was not enough money. That’s why I’m going out on a limb to ask you, and all of my supporters to not only donate again but to actually DOUBLE their donation.

I know what I’m asking is a sacrifice. Many of you generously gave $10, $25, $100 and even up to the maximum allowed of $2700, so to ask to DOUBLE that amount is bold…but that is what it will take to win. We have the right message but we cannot let the establishment drown us out with their money.

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I have six months to raise what we need, so anything you can give now helps tremendously…but the key is to have all of our funding by the end of 2017, that way we can budget for the push in early 2018.
Thank you for supporting Lynch for Congress

Please send a check now or donate online here if you can, but if not, just indicate on your envelope what you will send in by the end of the year. We will use your pledge as the basis for planning the Lynch For Congress campaign. You could even stretch it out over six monthly payments.
I know I am asking a lot but frankly it is only what is necessary.

I recently heard President Trump speak at the Independence Day celebration. He honored an 89 year old veteran who served in World War II…his name is Harry Miller. Harry was too young to join the army when Pearl Harbor was bombed. But when Harry turned 15 he went to the recruiting station and lied about his age. Less than a year later, at age 16, Harry was part of a tank unit facing a Nazi Panzer division in the Battle of the Bulge. Harry knew what was needed and he had the courage and faith to act! I’m asking you to also have courage, have faith…God has granted us a chance in this last election, maybe the last chance, to turn our nation back to the Judeo-Christian values of our Founding Fathers.

I am stepping out in faith that God will grant us the victory and I’m asking you to join with me. Enclose your check or just indicate your pledge and then please mail the envelope quickly to 17477 Chillicothe Road, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 so we can finalize our plans for victory! Thank you so much for all you have done and may God Bless America!
Matt Lynch signature
Matt Lynch

PS We simply cannot trust WEAK REPUBLICANS like my opponent to repeal Obamacare or defend our liberty. That’s why I’m asking my supporters to DOUBLE their previous contributions to my campaign. If you previously gave generously can you manage to now to double your support? Or even a greater amount…(but no more than the maximum allowed of $2700 per person). Please send what you can now and the rest before the end of 2017, that way I can plan for the big push in early 2018.
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Matt Lynch’s faith and conservative values have been a compass for both his professional and political career. Matt is an avid news hound and admitted political junkie. He was driven to run for his first public office when local elected officials continually made frivolous financial decisions leading to an unfair and unnecessary tax burden on citizens.

Matt’s decision in 2007 to run for the Bainbridge Township Board of Trustees was an uphill battle as he set out to challenge a 14 year incumbent. Despite being unknown in the political arena, he reflected the concerns of the public through a simple and direct campaign slogan of just four words “Lower Taxes, Less Spending.” The message resonated with the voters as they too were discouraged with the “old guard”.

Matt’s election brought a fresh and professional approach to local government. Although the newest member of the Board, his leadership was immediately recognized as he was appointed Chairman in his first term. He has been exceeding expectations as he implemented his “Lower taxes, Less Spending” policies. Under Matt’s guidance Township government was streamlined and reorganized, obsolete buildings were razed and local taxes were actually reduced! In an unprecedented move, Matt actually led the way to reduced spending by cutting his own salary as Trustee! Among his proudest accomplishments is the “Veterans Memorial Park” created under Matt’s leadership. After decades of talk, Matt was able to finally make certain that those who sacrificed for our freedom were properly recognized in Bainbridge Township!

Lynch has been practicing law for over thirty years with his family law firm located in Bainbridge Township. During that time, Matt has appeared in Courts from Chardon to Sandusky, including the Ohio Supreme Court.


Matt Lynch for Congress, Laura Lynch, Treasurer