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Matt Lynch Announces for Congress in 2016!

June 10, 2015

Dear Friends,

My wife, Laura, and I have been praying for God's leading in how I might serve the people of Northeast Ohio. Eight years ago when Laura challenged me to get off our couch and do something to help our community I had no idea where it might lead. From Bainbridge Trustee to the State House in Columbus, I did my best to always be open and transparent. I quickly learned that in politics, sticking to your principles was tough. The political elite have created a system that rewards those that just go along to get along. Too often our leaders in both Parties seek to punish those who put the people above Party politics.
Matt Lynch for Congress 
The result is a nation in turmoil. . . runaway debt that will soon reach 20 trillion dollars, a fragile economy, social unrest and moral decay. Meanwhile the government tells us they must violate our privacy to keep us safe, but refuses to close our southern border! The Congress refuses to defund Obamacare but grants itself an exemption! The Federal Government spends more and more to take over education while our kids learn less and less. And the President ignores any Constitutional limit on his authority while Congress does nothing to stop him!

In the midst of this chaos I listen for the voices of those elected officials that will defend our way of life, our Constitution, and our Liberty. . .but from Northeast Ohio there is only silence. . .but I do hear the people. . .they get it. . .they know something is wrong in Washington, and it will not be fixed by the same folks who are profiting from our corrupt political system. Big Government, Big Corporate welfare, and Big Party politics go hand in hand.

We simply cannot expect to change things in Washington if we do not change the type of people we send to Washington to represent us. For these reasons I have agreed to seek the Republican nomination for Congress in Ohio's 14th District in 2016.

I know this is not an easy task, but it is a burden from which I will not run. Many before me have sacrificed much more so that our children could be free and prosperous. Please join Laura and I as we pray for Our Lord's blessing in this effort and as we work for a better future for our great nation.

Matt Lynch signature

Matt Lynch
Candidate for Congress
Ohio District 14


Isaiah 59:13-15 "Justice is driven back, and righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets, honesty cannot enter. . . The Lord looked and was displeased. . ."




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