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Thy Will Be Done?

May 7, 2014

Matt & Laura Lynch

Dear Friends & Family,

All my life I have struggled with accepting God's Will when it conflicted with my own desires. As children our parents tried to teach us right from wrong by telling us what to do, "Don't play in the street!", or "Don't touch the stove!" or as my Mom often screamed to me and my eight brothers and sisters, "Don't play in the house...this is not a gymnasium!". Of course even though we were told these things we rarely accepted the obvious wisdom in the instructions given... so we ended up dodging speeding cars, burning our hands and breaking Mom's favorite living room lamp.

As adults we really don't change much. We tell ourselves we have matured, but we still want what we want...and the sooner the better. That's where my prayer life comes in. I spend a lot of time in prayer making sure God knows what He should be doing. "Bless my children" or "safeguard my wife's health" or "make sure I win this election!". Of course these prayers are always followed by the obligatory, "Thy Will be done"... but in my heart it's MY will I want done.

Our Lord is always good and always right, despite our childlike selfishness. Romans 8:27 says "in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purposes" For those who claim Christ as Lord this verse is both a comfort and a challenge. As I reflect on yesterday's primary loss I cannot escape the feeling of disappointment, but it is quickly followed by the knowledge that God really is in charge and I ought to rest in that truth. Laura and I have experienced plenty of hardships in our life together and losing an election is far down the list of serious problems. While I recognize the very real dangers our nation faces, I also know that God does not need my help to solve these problems. I am willing to walk through those doors that the Lord opens, but I must also be content to stay still when He closes a door.

I am so very grateful and humbled by all those who have supported me. I will remain in prayer for all of you and for our country... and will try and humbly live according to "Thy Will be done!"

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