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Matt's Speech at Bainbridge Common Core Meeting 2-17-15

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How the GOP Killed the Heartbeat Bill
and Stopped the Repeal of Common Core!!

Heartbeat Bill and repeal of Common Core

January 8, 2015

Dear Friends,

The few true conservative Republicans in the Ohio House of Representatives fought hard in the last days of 2014 to protect both the born and the unborn. Sadly their efforts to pass the Hearbeat Bill (HB248) and the Repeal of Common Core (HB597) were stopped by the very Party that had just successfully campaigned as the "conservative" choice in the November elections.

Both Bills had been stuck in committee awaiting the GOP leadership to bring them to the floor and allow a vote. After the November elections, in Lame Duck session, both Bills were finally ready for a vote by the full house. . . but nothing happened. The Republicans were determined to avoid both issues despite great support across Ohio to save the lives of unborn babies with a beating heart, and despite the unprecedented grass roots efforts of parents to protect their kids from the federal takeover of education known as Common Core.

But there was one hope, while we knew neither Bill could pass on its own at such a late time of year, there was a chance that if these Bills could be attached by amendment to other Bills that were going to the Governor for signature, then they could still become law in Ohio.

So I decided to try and force a Heartbeat amendment into another Bill, and Representative John Adams, a Conservative warrior in the House, would try the same maneuver with an amendment to Repeal of Common Core. We filed our amendments in the last weeks of December. We knew that the GOP leadership, which controls the Ohio House, did not want these Amendments to pass or even be voted on, but we also knew that matters of human life and education were too important to allow party politics to get in the way.

The GOP leadership wanted no part of our amendments, so in order to avoid a vote, the House Republicans took my Heartbeat amendment off the agenda by "informally passing" the Bill. When it came time for John Adams to propose his amendment to repeal Common Core they did the same to him. It was clear the GOP would use all of its parliamentary tricks to halt our efforts. . . and they needed time to figure out how to stop us.

muzzled politician

The very next day both Amendments came up again. Sadly one of the GOP leaders known for his "pro-life" rhetoric approached me on the House Floor and let me know in no uncertain terms that he would not let the Heartbeat Amendment pass. But John Adams and I persisted. . . and then something unprecedented happened. . . when I stood to be recognized for the Heartbeat amendment the Speaker of the House REFUSED to recognize me! My microphone was shut off and instead the Speaker called for an immediate vote on the Bill. . . without my Heartbeat Amendment. That's right...a Republican leader killed the only chance that the Heartbeat Amendment would become law. . . even going so far as to muzzle an elected Representative of the House. (Such a move by a Speaker is virtually unheard of! The last time it happened was in 1983 and the muzzled member was so angry he actually wore a dog muzzle in protest!)

But the deception of the GOP was not over. They knew that Conservative voters would be outraged that the GOP stopped my Heartbeat Amendment. What they needed was a "cover vote", sometimes called a "show vote". . . a phony vote that allows a Representative to look like they are pro-life by voting for something they know will not pass. So while they killed the Heartbeat Amendment which might actually become law. . . they decided to allow a vote on the stand alone Heartbeat Bill. . . knowing it had no chance. . . so they can claim they are pro-life. There can be no doubt. . . the GOP is responsible for killing the Heartbeat Bill in Ohio!

Here are the names of the 15 Republicans who actually voted to support the Heartbeat Amendment, call or email them your thanks. They are truly PRO-LIFE:

John Adams, John Becker, Bill Blessing, Terry Boose, Jim Butler, Margy Conditt, Doug Green, Ron Hood, Matt Lynch, Ron Maag, Wes Retherford, Tina Roegner, Lou Terhar, Andy Thompson and Ron Young.

Then came the amendment of John Adams to repeal Common Core, and again the GOP leadership used parliamentary tricks. When John Adams proposed his amendment, the Speaker of the House ruled it "Out of Order", meaning that it was not a proper amendment. Ron Hood and others immediately objected but it did not matter. . . the effort to repeal Common Core was dead. . . killed by the GOP!

Ohio Republicans won statewide victories by campaigning as "conservatives" who were both pro-life and anti-common core. . . but just weeks later they abandoned those values! Conservative voters must take a lesson from this. . . a hard lesson. . . but a necessary one. . . having an "R" or the word "conservative" next to your name means nothing. . . we must look to see how these folks vote AFTER they are elected.

If we want a different type of Republican Party, one that actually defends life, promotes liberty and constrains big government. . . then we can no longer be satisfied with the 'lesser of two evils' since in it forces us to choose evil. . . in the future we must commit to choosing ONLY the good!


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Matt Lynch
FORMER Ohio State Representative

Proverbs 26:26
"Their malice may be concealed by deception, but their wickedness will be exposed in the assembly."

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Sign Matt's Petition to STOP Ebola Flights!

October 15, 2014

Matt Lynch's Petition to Stop Ebola Flights


Ebola in Ohio!

Ebola virus alert in Ohio

October 15, 2014

Dear Friends,

For the past week I have been inquiring with the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) about our Ebola preparedness. Tonight my questions were answered and you need to know what is going on. At 8pm tonight I was on a conference call with Govern Kasich and the Ohio Department of Health. Here is what I now know about Ebola in Ohio.

Beginning this past July the Governor and his staff began planning and preparation for the possibility of Ebola spreading to Ohio. The ODH held strategic planning sessions and ordered increased supplies of protective gear such as masks, gowns, etc. These supplies are now in place and have been increased by 500% at all regional hospitals in Ohio.

This week a nurse who had treated the Texas Ebola patient flew to northeast Ohio arriving through Cleveland Hopkins airport. The CDC had implemented only a "voluntary" quarantine of Ebola health care workers. Despite CDC warnings she traveled to Ohio and visited relatives in Akron. She returned to Dallas and was confirmed to have the Ebola virus.

In response, Ohio has adopted a "mandatory" quarantine policy. Family members in Akron are under mandatory quarantine and will remain so for at least three weeks. At least one family member has left the State and presumably (hopefully) is being contacted by the CDC. At least two family members are employed at Kent State University but are now under quarantine in their homes.

The Governor has flown a CDC "tracking" team to Northeast Ohio to follow any family members or other contacts who may have been exposed to Ebola. It is hoped that no further cases will develop. I urge you to be in prayer for all those afflicted.

Earlier today I began an online petition on Twitter at #StopEbolaFlights demanding that all flights from infected nations be halted. Please go to, my Facebook page or Twitter to sign the petition. While there is no reason to panic, common sense dictates we prevent the spread of this disease.

As circumstances warrant I will keep you informed. You can contact me anytime by cell phone (440-821-2247),

or on Facebook at:

or on Twitter at:


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Matt Lynch
Ohio State Representative

Leviticus 13:46 : As long as they have the disease they remain unclean. They must live alone; they must live outside the camp.



Matt Lynch at Rally To Pass Hearbeat Bill

September 18, 2014



Matt Lynch announces weekly radio show "How I See It"!

September 14, 2014

Matt Lynch- Faith, Family, Freedom

Dear Friends,

I am excited to announce that starting next week I will be hosting my own radio program each Wednesday and Thursday evening from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. My daughter Kerri Quay will be joining me "on air" for lively discussion about the political issues in the headlines.The program will be broadcast on 1220AM WHKW radio and online at You can also listen to past shows anytime on my website at WHKW is a 50,000 watt station and will be heard as far east as Erie and as far south as Zanesville.

The radio show will be called "How I See It" and will be a platform for promoting the conservative values of Faith, Family & Freedom which have been the foundation of all my political efforts. As I embark on this new endeavor I ask that you be in prayer that I can continue to give voice to these values both inside and outside the Republican Party. After spending Labor Day weekend at the Geauga County Fair and speaking to hundreds of voters, I remain convinced that our fellow citizens are desperate for candidates of integrity who have the courage to stand for their principles. I am disgusted by the "content free campaigning" that has become so common in both Parties.

Matt Lynch with daughter, Kerri Quay on radio program

As election season approaches we have to end the loud shouting of "my Party" vs "your Party"; instead we should consider the principles at stake. In the past Conservative Democrats and Conservative Republicans joined in honest debate with Liberals of both Parties, but today many simply reject the ideas of anyone who is not in their own Party. Many candidates actually avoid taking any public positions at all.

So how can we trust candidates if we don't know what they truly believe in? As Benjamin Franklin said, "Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools". . . if candidates are dishonest and mislead voters into supporting them, then it should be no surprise that our nation is at serious risk.

Please join me on 1220 AM WHKW every Wednesday and Thursday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, and lets talk about how we can return integrity to the election process.

As always, thanks for your support !

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Matt Lynch
Ohio State Representative

Zechariah 8:16
"Speak the truth to each other, and render true and sound judgment"



Thy Will Be Done?

May 7, 2014

Matt & Laura Lynch

Dear Friends & Family,

All my life I have struggled with accepting God's Will when it conflicted with my own desires. As children our parents tried to teach us right from wrong by telling us what to do, "Don't play in the street!", or "Don't touch the stove!" or as my Mom often screamed to me and my eight brothers and sisters, "Don't play in the house...this is not a gymnasium!". Of course even though we were told these things we rarely accepted the obvious wisdom in the instructions given... so we ended up dodging speeding cars, burning our hands and breaking Mom's favorite living room lamp.

As adults we really don't change much. We tell ourselves we have matured, but we still want what we want...and the sooner the better. That's where my prayer life comes in. I spend a lot of time in prayer making sure God knows what He should be doing. "Bless my children" or "safeguard my wife's health" or "make sure I win this election!". Of course these prayers are always followed by the obligatory, "Thy Will be done"... but in my heart it's MY will I want done.

Our Lord is always good and always right, despite our childlike selfishness. Romans 8:27 says "in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purposes" For those who claim Christ as Lord this verse is both a comfort and a challenge. As I reflect on yesterday's primary loss I cannot escape the feeling of disappointment, but it is quickly followed by the knowledge that God really is in charge and I ought to rest in that truth. Laura and I have experienced plenty of hardships in our life together and losing an election is far down the list of serious problems. While I recognize the very real dangers our nation faces, I also know that God does not need my help to solve these problems. I am willing to walk through those doors that the Lord opens, but I must also be content to stay still when He closes a door.

I am so very grateful and humbled by all those who have supported me. I will remain in prayer for all of you and for our country... and will try and humbly live according to "Thy Will be done!"

Matt Lynch signature

Matt Lynch



Matt Lynch for Congress, Laura Lynch, Treasurer