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Matt Lynch with Wife, Laura and 4 grandchildren, Summer 2012

New Leadership To Do What’s Right

As an attorney and leader in Bainbridge Township, I first ran for office to stop the wasteful spending and tax hikes plaguing the Board of Trustees. I won and my first order of business was cutting my own pay. Over the next four years I led the way to cut the fat and reduced annual expenditures by 17%. In Columbus I stood against my own Party and voted against increases in the sales tax and real estate taxes.

Illegal Immigration

We will never solve the illegal immigration problem until we secure our borders. Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to 3 million illegals in 1986 in good faith but the politicians failed to deal with our open borders. The result: at least 15 million additional illegals here today! The burden on our schools, health care system and criminal justice system is enormous… estimated at a over 80 Billion Dollars each year!. We cannot repeat this mistake! Yet both Democrats and Republicans are about to do it again…the Democrats see a new crop of Democrat voters while Republican corporate interests see a source of cheap labor…while the American people suffer the consequences.

Presidential Power

Congress has for too long abandoned its responsibility and allowed the President to exercise power far beyond Constitutional limits. I will not tolerate a President who uses his “pen and phone” to destroy the separation of powers so vital to our Republic. Personal liberty cannot survive if any man, especially the President, is the law unto himself. We need statesmen in Washington that are not afraid to stand up against the abuse of power demonstrated in Executive Orders.


We will never release the potential of our people if we cannot get government off our backs! There is no greater danger to our liberty and prosperity than the cost and burden of Obamacare. It needs to be repealed…plain and simple. Gutless Republicans take meaningless votes against it but fail to DEFUND OBAMACARE which is the one thing that actually would protect Americans.

Spending & the Debt

No amount of happy talk will solve our debt problems until we get spending under control. Establishment Republicans only seem interested in managing big government but not actually shrinking government. I’ll work with anyone to stop the insane spending, but I will never agree to more debt in the name of bipartisanship.

Energy & Jobs

Creating jobs and protecting the environment are not conflicting ideas. Natural gas wells are creating thousands of jobs while offering cheap energy to consumers. It’s the kick-start our economy needs. We need to build the Keystone pipeline and encourage domestic energy production.


I will always respect the values and wisdom of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, which have been the foundation of our prosperity for over 200 years!

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Matt Lynch campaign trail for Ohio House 76th District