Issues of Matt Lynch

Create Jobs

Govenment has made the cost of doing business too high with taxes & government regulation and now OBAMACARE! Piecemeal incentives, such as tax abatements and development assistance, are not enough to overcome the burden of big government. We must make wholesale changes on two critical issues: taxes and government restructuring. We must recognize that government does not create jobs. In fact 60% to 70% of all new jobs are created by small business. We must create an environment where small business can grow and prosper.


Illegal Immigration

We will never solve the illegal immigration problem until we secure our borders. Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to 3 million illegals in 1986 in good faith, but the politicians failed to deal with our open borders. The result: at least 15 million additional illegals here today! The burden on our schools, health care system, and criminal justice system is enormous. . . estimated at a over 80 Billion Dollars each year!. We cannot repeat this mistake! Yet both Democrats and Republicans are about to do it again. . . the Democrats see a new crop of Democrat voters, while Republican corporate interests see a source of cheap labor. . . while the American people suffer the consequences.


Eliminate Taxes

The United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the world! Is it any surprise that corporations seek the open markets of Asia and China rather than face the tax burdens in America? We need to make America once again the “Land of Opportunity”. I believe the answer is an overhaul of our tax system combined with serious cuts in Federal spending. A “flat” or “fair” tax will capture new revenue now hidden in the underground economy and promote the growth of jobs.


Right To Life

I have always been and will always be a staunch supporter of the right to life. My family has long supported local organizations which offer support to women in crisis. Many years ago, while still in law school, it was not uncommon for my wife to open our home as an emergency shelter to pregnant teens. From the womb to the tomb the right to life is precious and guaranteed by our Constitution. I remain committed to a Constitutional Amendment to explicitly guarantee the right of the unborn to life.


A Better Future

We are blessed to live in the most wonderful country in the world! Yes. . . America and its people are exceptional. We have a diverse and energetic workforce, terrific higher learning institutions, abundant natural resources, and great natural beauty. So what is the problem?. . . as Ronald Reagan said, “Government is NOT the solution, government IS the problem!”

I want my eight grandchildren to have a future. . . but that future depends on jobs! As a State Legislator, I have a record of supporting cuts in spending and pushing for lower taxes, and I will do the same in Washington.








Matt Lynch for Congress, Laura Lynch, Treasurer